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Frequently Asked Questions

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What to expect in preparing for your visit to Nosara.

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What to expect in preparing for your visit to Nosara

Is Nosara accessible from most major airports? How do I get there?

Yes, Costa Rica is accessible by two airports, either San Jose (Juan Santamaria International Airport, code - SJO), for which you will most likely find lower priced flights, or Liberia (Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, code - LIR). The drive to Nosara is about 4-5 hours from the San Jose Airport, or two hours from Liberia. You can find some discount airlines now offering flights from the U.S. to San Jose, including Jet Blue, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Air, which typically have the most affordable prices.

If you fly into either San Jose or Liberia, you also have the choice of taking one of the commuter flights directly to Nosara on Nature Air (www.NatureAir.com) or Sansa (www.FlySansa.com). Another option to consider, especially with small groups, is private charter flights.  Both Paradise Air and Aerobelle provide service to the Nosara airport, which is only a short drive to The Beach House.

Do I need a passport to travel to Costa Rica?

Yes. You can no longer enter Costa Rica with just your birth certificate. Passports must be valid for six months AFTER your return. It’s also a good idea to make copies of your passport to carry with you, leaving the original in your villa. The Beach House conveniently has safes available for use in each villa for you to store valuable items such as important documents, laptops or cell phones. You may consider printing out and bringing any other travel documents you have, or useful travel info you think you might need and keep them in the safe provided.

What should I pack for my trip to Costa Rican paradise?

Those visiting Nosara during the green season should pack roughly the same clothing along with a pair of long pants for cooler evenings; a lightweight and a rain-proof jacket.

Are there a wide variety of activities in and around The Beach House property?

Of course, consider The Beach House as a 12 month destination. If you need guidance, just ask one of our staff members for some local tips. Or see the "Area Activities" section of our website.

What about food and local dining options?

The Beach House is equipped with a gourmet-style kitchen, which allows owners and visitors to prepare their own meals if they choose to do so, with the convenience of the Guiones Mini Market or the Delicias del Mundo Mini Super for most grocery needs in nearby Guiones. Or you can visit the Super Nosara supermarket in town. You may also want to visit the Nosara Organic Farmers Market, which is walking distance from the property.

As for restaurants, there are many options from quick meals to fine dining. Chefs from around the globe have settled in Nosara and their influence is apparent, with gourmet cuisine ranging from Italian to French to Mediterranean to local flavors; your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised and your options are many.

If you prefer to have the best of both worlds, stay in and bask in the comfort of your villa at The Beach House while the resort chef prepares a gourmet meal for your culinary enjoyment. Our chef will buy all of the fresh ingredients locally and create a custom menu that you won't soon forget. The service is not only exclusive to guests of The Beach House, but is also surprisingly affordable, particularly for a family or group! Please inquire during your stay for more information.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes! In most areas of Costa Rica, the water is not only safe to drink in both homes and restaurants, but it is considered by many to be some of the best water to be found, containing actual  health benefits. However, for those who prefer to drink bottled water that is a personal choice. Should you choose to purchase water, it is available in the markets and at most local bars and restaurants.

What is the local currency?

Almost every business here will accept both U.S. Dollars and Costa Rican Colones, the Costa Rican currency. The exchange rate changes regularly, but it hovers around 500 Colones to $1.00.

Banks – There are two banks in Nosara. Banco Popular, which has an ATM, is located on the main street in Guiones, next to the Surfing Nosara Real Estate Office. Note that this bank’s ATM accepts only cards with a VISA symbol, and will not work with a MasterCard. If your ATM or credit card is a MasterCard, you'll have to use Banco Costa Rica, which is located next to the Servicentro Nosara gas station on the way into Nosara Centro.

Credit Cards – Most hotels will accept credit cards, but a few restaurants do not, or charge an additional fee for doing so. The Mini Supers in Guiones and the Super Nosara accept credit cards for grocery purchases.

Travelers Checks – Local businesses will not accept traveler’s checks. They can only be exchanged at the bank.

Do I need to speak Spanish to get by in Nosara?

Many restaurant and hotel employees, as well as quite a few locals, speak excellent English, allowing the majority of tourists to get by just fine without speaking a word of Spanish. In fact, Nosara is regarded as the most English speaking resort area in Costa Rica, with most every business having someone who speaks the language. However, if you do know some Spanish, feel free to use it whenever possible and remember to be polite. Don't assume that everyone will understand you when you speak English. It’s a good idea to carry a Spanish-English dictionary as a backup should you need to use it.

Should I worry about safety or crime?

Nosara is generally known to be a very safe place to visit with the locals, or ticos, being very friendly and exhibiting the Pura Vida lifestyle to their foreign visitors. As with any place you visit (or even in the U.S.), you should practice common sense. The Beach House is secured by a 24-hour state-of-the art alarm system backed by a security company.  The entire property is gated and fenced and personal safes are provided in each villa so that guests may store any valuables and personal items and have them remain in their control during their stay.

What to expect from The Beach House.

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What to expect from The Beach House

What type of property is The Beach House

The Beach House is a private resort that offers equity membership as well as short-term rentals, allowing owners to realize income from their fractional ownership share when they are not using the property.
Specifically, and in more legal terms, The Beach House is owned by a Trust, which has been formed in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica. This Trust provides for a limited number of Beneficiaries who are assured certain rights and privileges, including the exclusive use of the assets owned by the Trust during certain periods of time of each calendar year. By virtue of the said Trust, the Trustee (Global Trust Firm S.A.) has certain obligations and responsibilities which include, but that are not limited, to the registration and protection of the beneficiaries´ rights, as well as the recording of any changes of ownership that may occur. Furthermore, the ownership of the rights that derives from the condition of being a beneficiary (i.e. "interest ownership") is not only fully transferrable, but will not expire as long as the Trust is valid and in force. In other words, the rights of use over the assets is "for life," and their owners may dispose of their interest ownership at any time.

Furthermore, the ownership of the rights that derives from the condition of being a beneficiary (i.e. "interest ownership") is not only fully transferrable, but will not expire as long as the Trust is valid and in force. In other words, the rights of use over the assets is "for life," and their owners may dispose of their interest ownership at any time.

How does owner use of The Beach House work?

Owners will have preferred use of The Beach House for up to eight weeks per year, divided equally between two separate seasons, the Dry Season (January, February, March, April, July, and December) and the Green Season (May, June, August, September, October, and November).

Subject to established reservation policies and procedure, owners may request one year prior to the desired vacation period. There are no restrictions on the amount of time requested as long as there is availability and the owner has unused time remaining for the vacation period requested, and provided all dues and reserve accounts are current.

How often may I visit and for how long?

Reservation policies are very flexible, allowing owners to make reservation requests for any time of the year, throughout the year. The only restriction is seasonality (see above). Your stay may be as short as two nights or as long as eight weeks at a time. In certain situations, guests may stay longer. Please consult the reservation policies.

What are some of the property’s amenities?

The Beach House is a completely gated and impeccably maintained property, as close to the beach as you can get. We offer our owners and guests the security of a fully gated property, on-site concierge services (for everything from airport transfers to grocery shopping) and all of the amenities of a luxury dwelling tucked away in a tropical paradise.
Cool off in the pool or meditate at the yoga pavilion in between trips to the beach, hiking or any one of the nearby activities. Once inside, your state-of-the-art kitchen is ready to serve the most discerning chef or you can relax in air-conditioned comfort and soak up the luxury of richly appointed finishes and fabrics imported from all over the world.

Who is responsible for damages by owners or their guests?

Damages are the responsibility of each owner. That means you are also protected. Prior to arrival, your home will be professionally cleaned and checked, including inventory of all contents and furnishings. If something is missing or needs repair, it will be noted, fixed or replaced as soon as possible. If damage has occurred more than "normal wear and tear" the responsible owner (or renter) will be charged for the damages.

What to expect from your equity membership in The Beach House.

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What to expect from your equity membership in The Beach House.

How is my ownership in The Beach House held?

The Beach House is a Cooperative held by 12 members and is your foreverforever and may be willed, transferred, or sold at any time.

Can my ownership interest be resold?

Yes, your ownership may be sold or transferred at any time. It may also be willed to your heirs. There are no restrictions on the selling of your property; however, if you wish to do so after we are sold out we ask you to first notify the management company of its availability in order to give the other members, their family and friends notice of the opportunity to buy.

How does the rental system work? Is there income potential for owners?

The location of The Beach House is unsurpassed, which makes it ideal for families to rent throughout the year. Our members spend an average of two weeks annually in Nosara, leaving 10 weeks of their membership available for earning income or reciprocating with other resorts worldwide. The income earned is a direct offset to the annual dues.
Income from rentals will be portioned out amongst all owner members. For example, an owner occupying only two weeks in a given year will receive a larger percentage of the annual rental income than someone who occupies the property for four weeks that year.

Is there on-site property management?

Management will be performed by Beach Management who will act as the property manager. They will be responsible for insuring that every ocean villa is expertly cleaned and maintained for each and every owner. The Beach House's organizational and operating structure will be similar to a homeowner's or condominium association. An annual budget will be prepared based on anticipated operating and maintenance costs, as well as a set aside amount of reserves for repair and replacement of the property's furnishings and equipment. Each owner/member will pay dues on a quarterly basis to meet the budget, which will be subject to review and approval by a board of directors elected by the owners.
A management coordinator will collect the dues, look after expenses, maintain accounts, and provide all day-to-day operating oversight. Should an item require repair or replacement, the manager will be able to access reserve funds to complete the work without an owner vote, guaranteeing that consistently high standards are maintained for years to come. Should an unforeseen issue arise that has more significant or long-term ramifications, the matter will be submitted to the board of directors or, as necessary, to the owners for a vote.

What specifically do the annual member dues cover?

Annual dues pay for the maintenance as well as systems replacement, as necessary, for the entire property. Other covered items include insurance, taxes, professional in-house management and operations of all facilities and amenities. Dues also cover services, such as departure housekeeping, personal storage, utilities, Internet, general maintenance, and reserves for long-term maintenance and replacements of furnishings. Additional fees apply for daily housekeeping, babysitting, pre-arrival services, transportation, and personal cooks.

Will there be adequate insurance on the property?

Yes, the property management company requires both property liability and insurance to cover replacement of the building, together with adequate coverage for personal liability.

Where can I get more information? What if I’m ready to tour the property?

If you are uncertain about becoming a member, or are ready to take the next step, why not experience The Beach House firsthand? From the moment of your arrival, we will treat you as a member, and should you decide to purchase we will apply your rental payment to your first years annual dues. Once you have joined us, you will have taken the first step towards recovering your investment. Now every year you will realize considerable savings on the cost of your vacations as well as the opportunity to earn income!

*Certain restrictions apply. Please inquire with our ownership specialist when making a reservation.

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Location Close to everywhere you want to be, especially the beach!


Opportunity Invest in a hassle-free vacation lifestyle with income potential!


Flexibility Use up to 12 weeks per year or rent and trade for another property worldwide!